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This homepage is entertainment information.
In order to enjoy oneself in your house!!
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Yuichi Hyuga's room
Earth scale network project.
Across the sea, across land, empty is crossed
it is the one world.
It goes to one target.
Let's color the canvas of the earth
as the future of our peace, and an artist.

Yuichi Hyuga Japanese pege.
This Yuichi Hyuga Japanese pege.
Readily come on!!
It reads by the heart.
The heart crosses the border.
Because, the heart is language.
Although it is not visible.
It can tell.

Canvas is colored.
A background color is changed.
#FF9900 #FFCC33 #CC0033 #003399
#996600 #999900 #6666cc
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My family introduce.
Name is Mary.(girl)
A kind is a Shietto Land Sheep dog.
Mary is best partner.

The janitor of this homepage.
Welcome!, to my homepage.
Slowly, please see.

[Let me tell you something about myself]
How do you do?
My name is Yuichi Hyuga.
I was born on the 10th of October,1980.
I am now twenty-one.
My purpose is for to a novelist & write & poem.
Because my work. my life.
I live in Suginami ward,Tokyo metropolis.
There are a lot of beauty shop in the ward.
We eat many different kinds of food in japan.
In japan,there are many kinds of restaurants
serving cuisines from all over the world.
For example,we can eat French,Chinese,
Indian, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Korea
food and so on.
I like Chinese food very much.
I have a lot of hobbies.
(Web make,listening to music,cooking,footbool
poem,Watched a footbool,reading)
At the moment I am crazy about classical music.
I love Johann Sebastian Bach best.
I am an avid movie fan.
I have a video tape collection of the movies Ilike.
I also like to read the original book on which
the movie is based.
Please give me the mail of comment.
I am waiting for your comment.
My future dream is Americans.
I become Americans.
The blood which is flowing on the body is a Japanese.
I am the United States and want to finish life.
I love the United States from the bottom of my heart.
I study a lot in Japan. And I work in the United States.
I go to the United States as an artist.
Only for general,Inquiry form.
Japan news

It is the professional wrestling
which shocked Japanese people.
WWE gave a shock further.
I am looking at a VERON city, the WEE bottom line, and
the low ,the SUMAKKU down ,every week.
It is my private time.
There is also my photograph.
Anyhow, they are the contents
of a private time and work.
Japanese Popularity music
It is a music scene of Japan.
Download is impossible.

There are much dream and recollections.
The nWo will be immortal forever.
NWO swept over the world.
NWO is the best superstar army corps in the world.
The English lyrics, Poem
I want to carry out collaboration in the future.

This is my favorite.
It is the Internet music radio.
I am listen to the Internet radio every day.
One of favorite singers.
My best music is [GO WEST].
To the person whom words like
Since a non-language is not a foregone conclusion, it tells the heart.
Since it is the end which can predict language, it tells the heart.
An Japanese bulletin board(BBS)
Japanese Only.
Please use Japanese.
Music, Sport, News, etc...

This movie was stimulative.
I looked at the trainspotting 20 times or more.
My view of life changed with this movie.

This is the LOGO for link attachment.
Use it freely.(Only this page)

Yahoo is a portal site common to the world.
This homepage is carrying out link
attachment of Yahoo! USA.

In Japan, MLS was looking by satellite broadcasting.
A story of the hyuga
It arranged in the tale.
Truth and the world of a fancy.

NBA is on television, surely looking.
In Japan, NBA is seen with a satellite or cable TV.
Music partner
We work using the Internet.
Restriction does not have the number.
Your feeling and one.
The world is one.

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